Po’ Man Ain’t Got Not Much Say

By: Dr. Owen Watson

Category: Self-Help | African American Literature | Christian Literature Fiction

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About Po’ Man Ain’t Got Not Much Say

Po’ Man Ain’t Got Not Much Say explores the life of fictional character, Mr. Silas Riverton, whose moral roots were bound by the teachings of the church. Unbeknownst to him and many years later, it will be proven how those teachings were not so well received in his heart. As he journeys through life, what he had heard in church countless times throughout his life thus far will now be tested against an ultimate revelation that exposes something totally unexpected, and even more so unbelievable about his personal walk of faith.

The riveting psychological journey will have readers astoundingly mesmerized as each chapter beckons the question, “What more can happen to “po’ man” Mr. Silas Riverton?”


“I am not the best at writing reviews. But I took a listen to this book and I was hesitant on what to expect. Who is the Silas Riverton guy and why do I care. Well when I started playing the book, I wish I could have just sat there and listened to it all the way thru, I listen to books while in traffic. And this one will have you interested from the beginning. The Life of Silas as he struggles through life, with problem after problem where he Blames GOD yet prays to GOD and accepts his divine intervention. This book is about living life and making mistakes, but putting your faith in GOD and he will put you on the right path, lead you to where he wants you to be. As Silas goes through his life Journey, impacting the lives of family and friends, God is there leading the way. I highly recommend this book, you won’t regret it. Thank you, Dr. Watson, for another great book!” -SteeleMonkey