Let’s P.U.S.H

A Guide to Combat Bullying

By: Shant’a Miller

Category: Education & Teaching

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About Let’s P.U.S.H

Shant’a Miller founded P.A.B.VA in 2012 after her twin daughters were bullied. Her daughter’s physical attack and recovery process created the desire in her to promote awareness and offer support. P.A.B.VA has been informing and educating through school tours and outreach activities. Let’s P.U.S.H is a guide for Parents and Children to combat and prevent bullying in their community.


“Ms. Miller takes 17 minutes of adversity and transforms this life-changing event into a powerful anti-bullying movement, advocating for her own children as well as youth across the nation. Let’s P.U.S.H. is a resource that provides parents, educators and youth leaders with practical steps on how to address bullying in a variety of settings including how to navigate the educational system and petition lawmakers to enact anti-bullying policies. Part memoir, part educational resource, Let’s P.U.S.H. highlights Ms. Miller’s own journey to finding her voice and fighting for her family, as well as the harrowing account of her daughter’s attack by a bully which led to the founding of Parents Against Bullying of Virginia, a non-profit organization that promotes anti-bullying efforts in a fun and engaging manner. What is also notable about the book is that Ms. Miller includes resources on how to help the bully, understanding that the perpetrator, generally someone who has also been hurt or mistreated, also needs support. Let’s P.U.S.H. is a must-read for anyone who has experienced bullying first-hand, anyone who works with victims of bullying or anyone who desires to promote anti-bullying efforts.” – Alicia Ranee’