Love Over Hate

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About Love Over Hate

K’bana Blaq has a mission incorporated through his music and community endeavors. One of those missions is to push the message of “Love Over Hate,” through nonprofit organizations such as Parents Against Bullying. This agency was founded by CEO Shant’a Miller, for which he also serves as the present-day Creative Director.

This project has opened doors and brought awareness to the forefront concerning how many young people are in the world hurting mentally and emotionally. In reality, people all over the world need healing of the heart. In general, people are suffering from a lack of love or the ability to offer love to others which in turn can breed hate for self and others.

K’bana has personally witnessed the pain of losing someone who struggled with self-love. Last year his bandmate of two years and friend Justice Taylor, committed suicide. His absence in this world has left K’bana confused, hurt, devastated, and with many questions as to why this traumatic event occurred. Through his community support efforts as well as being a well-known host, MC, and motivational speaker in Virginia, he has obtained a vision that when shared, can make a difference for those who suffer in silence. “

K’bana Blaq is more than ready to spread the message of Love Over Hate for everyone. Help K’bana Blaq spread this message by Supporting Pushing Assisting to make “Love Over Hate” a reality, a true gift to the people; something that the world needs to witness through positive experiences.