Level Up

By: CG McLean Jr.

Category: Motivational | Success | Self-Help

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About Level Up

Inspired by a Ciara song, Level Up by C.G. McLean Jr, uses words from her song to ignite thoughts of elevation to the reader. Each chapter is broken up into steps of mental and spiritual elevation that unlocks another level.

C.G. carefully and thoughtfully addresses worldly ideologies while expressing Biblical principles to cause a paradigm shift in the thought process of the reader. This mental and spiritual paradigm shift inspires and evokes the reader to continue to take forwards steps towards spiritually and mentally elevating in life to essentially Level Up.

C.G. McLean Jr. explains how to level up and grow into a purpose that is not measured with materialistic gains, but growth in a spiritual walk with God. When measuring success it’s best to measure your ability to be obedient to God with whatever he is asking from you at any given time.

C.G. does a great job of highlighting the differences in today’s terms. Guiding the reader to growing and walking into their purpose in today’s world as they Level Up in a sustainable way.