Elevate Your Game

From Athlete to Corporate World

By: Adrienne “Goody” Goodson

Category: Basketball Biographies | Basketball

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About Elevate Your Game

Adrienne “Goody” Goodson’s basketball journey began at the age of seven in Bayonne, New Jersey on 20th street. Adrienne’s childhood was filled with possibilities, brokenness, tragedy, and a mother’s love that propelled her to do better. Goody’s journey has led her to play basketball at Old Dominion University; professional basketball overseas; in the American Basketball League, and the WNBA. Adrienne’s has shaped herself into a sharp charismatic businesswoman through a mixture of ideas created from her life’s journey.

Adrienne Goodson’s book, Elevate Your Game is a short story that gives awareness and healthy perspective of what it takes to make it as a pro athlete in the league, its environment, and what needs to change.

Elevate Your Game is about a life experience in the sport of basketball that can be used as a guide, specifically designed to help you in your quest for success. In this book, the reader will find a mixture of challenges an athlete goes through combined with valuable information that transcends across generations. It is an intriguing strategy that can be used to help the reader grow within their challenges, despite what they may be.


“I was fortunate enough to go to high school with Adrienne.
We all knew Adrienne Goodson as this phenomenal and gifted athlete
But we did not know her story.
Elevate Your Game concisely tells Adrienne’s story. It takes you from her humble beginnings on 22nd St. in Bayonne, New Jersey, to playing around the World to playing at the highest level in the WNBA. Finally to her challenging transition into the corporate world.
Elevate Your Game will inspire you regardless if you are an athlete, business person or stay at home parent.

We are so proud of you Adrienne.
Wishing you continued success !” – Thomas Furlong