Better Not Bitter

By: CG McLean Jr.

Category: Motivational | Self-Help | Christian Self-Help

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About Better Not Bitter

Better NOT Bitter is a 4-week interactive devotional journal. It shapes the reader’s faith through the disciplines of fasting, reading, meditation, prayer, and journaling. C.G. McLean Jr leads the reader into the presence of God through the trials of life. Allowing the reader to focus and gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of their current situations.

“When going through situations and circumstances that seem to be bigger than you are, we can let anger, hurt, fear and frustration overcome us and make us Bitter. However; when we intentionally focus our attention on God, we can learn the lessons that the trials of life are teaching us and become better because of them.” -CG McLean Jr.

C.G. McLean Jr. is leading, guiding, and inspiring readers to focus on their faith and not their trials and tribulations. His mission is to help others become rooted in principles and stronger in their faith, so they can prove to be Better NOT Bitter.